My mite on Technology & Business, and everything between.

Been astounded, perplexed, petrified with all the jargon that usually comes from many perspectives. I felt that keeping everything simple works, with the 10 years of experience one does not get to learn everything; but certainly gets a chance to dig into everything 30 feet down of 100. This horizontal spread of experience from being a business development executive – Telemarketer  to Applications Development Manager to Process Quality Lead to Large Project Management and Solution Architect with a lot of “additional” responsibilities made me today a “Jack of many trades”; and seriously “Master of none”. Being a Jack of any trade is a good proposition in the market today.

I remember my first interview,  it was a year after the WTC crash; in McKinsey’s Analytics and Business Presentations office in Chennai; well they expected me to draft a quick presentation over a few key terminologies and this the evaluation round number 7 – the final. It happened.. my dreams of getting through into one of the unique back-office process with so much to learn.. and McKinsey – one of the powerhouses of analytics and research. “My presentation” they said was “different” and then there was the long journey home on my tri-cone, power ported, imported Japanese reed valve Suzuki Shogun. I did not clear the final round and was informed “not creative”.

Today, I stand looking at my journey through a decade of corporate life; there is so much more to go, even now we have people telling “not good”; this blog captures my thought streams, recommendations, ideas, learnings, mistakes all for all to see. Shoot me back your comments and ideas – jesu.valiant@gmail.com.


Jesu Valiant

  1. Anonymous
    November 17, 2010 at 11:12 AM

    Jesu I see you as the Howard Roark in Fountainhead.

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